Modeling Agencies in Michigan – Productions Plus

Productions Plus is one of the few modeling agencies in Michigan that has found a way to meet the growing needs for diversity in the talent industry. Not just an agency for print or runways, Production Plus focuses on matching opportunities in a wide array of niche markets for the talented individuals they represent. Not only do they meet the talent needs of their clients, but Production Plus has become an established provider of training that shares their years of experience with those new to the industry.

The staff at Production Plus is dedicated to harmonizing their clients with the projects that will offer the greatest potential for success. That is why there are 20,000 individuals in Production Plus’ database of talent. However, 150 talented individuals are exclusively represented and promoted by Production Plus. This is how Production Plus manages to collaborate with modeling agencies in Michigan while still providing highly attentive showcasing to their in-house talent. The staff at Production Plus has a passion for setting the stage with perfect talent to match any engagement.

Production plus has certifications from the top two leading professional acting unions in the industry: Screen Actors Guild, SAG, and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, AFTRA. They are one of the few modeling agencies in Michigan that is highly experienced in the movie industry. The individuals represented by Production Plus offer a range of talents including experience with big screen performance, commercials and voice-overs. Theatrical performers represent only a fraction of the talent offered by the models and actors at Production Plus. Live performance opportunities such as trade and automotive show hosts characterize some of Production Plus’ expanded expertise.

In the constantly growing industry of fashion and film, Production Plus manages to stay on the cutting edge of representation by ensuring their stars have the talent the industry needs for today’s projects. A dedication to high standards of excellence and their years of experience are what made Production Plus a top agency in Michigan.

Modeling Agencies in Michigan – The I Group

The I Group is among the most prestigious modeling agencies in Michigan, offering vast amounts of experience and complete customer satisfaction for the companies that decide to employ them. They produce and cover all that you would expect of an agency of this caliber, and they strive to successfully promote their clients through effective and proven methods. They have an insurmountable amount of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of the industry, including voice-over, promotion, print and on-camera.

The I Group offers many services to their clients, which has made them one of the most popular modeling agencies in Michigan.

1) Selection and recruitment:

They discover and develop new talent to meet the needs of the industry and the geographical location, ensuring a huge array of different models.

2) Complete roster of talent:

They represent a huge array of models and talent who can fit a similarly huge array of needs. Whether your company requires voice-over, auto show, print, convention, commercial, promotion, TV, film, theater, runway or general promotion, they likely have just the right model to fit your company’s needs and wants. The I Group is also a union agency, and they thus represent AFTRA and SAG talent as well. These are just one of the reasons they are among the most proficient of modeling agencies in Michigan.

3) Development and training:

If you require talent that is currently unavailable, they implement a professional development program that trains their models and expands their capabilities to accommodate your company’s needs. They often can consult on technical, make-up and hair skills, and can recommend stylists and photographers to their models.

4) Staging and wardrobe:

The I Group also offers the ability to produce, coordinate and direct runway shows, fashion events, and multimedia and entertainment events including demonstrations, product launches, followup programs and even consumer incentive programs. They will be able to promote your product with the best talent in Michigan!

5) Production and entertainment services:

They also can provide a huge array of specific types of entertainers, including magicians, impersonators, comedians and clowns. They also can provide an amount of labor and hands for private and corporate functions, giving your company much more for the already low price.

The above are just several primary services of The I Group, as they can accommodate easily most other needs or desires of their clients. Their modeling and talent management services have been chosen many times by clients as the most effective and most likely to guarantee satisfaction, making them among the most popular of modeling agencies in Michigan.

The I Group strives to be as providential as possible to their clients, and will perform any function within means to provide to their clients the best experience possible. Through dedication and a need to fulfill their clients’ needs and wishes, they have earned a prestigious reputation as one of the best modeling agencies in Michigan, as they are able to provide whatever is necessary to each company that enlists them as their talent agency of choice.

Modeling Agencies in Michigan – Legacy Model and Talent Agency

Legacy Model and Talent Agency is focused on meeting the diverse modeling job needs throughout the Michigan area. Their simple approach to talent showcasing helps to trim away the distractions that many other modeling agencies in Michigan tend to crowd their websites with. Instead, Legacy Model and Talent Agency puts the faces of their talented individuals at the forefront of their website, where it is allowed to speak for itself.

By representing an exceptionally wide range of talented individuals, Legacy Model and Talent Agency is able to meet the requirements for modeling jobs that necessitate individuals with a wide variety of characteristics. The legacy Model and Talent Agency represents talented individuals from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Their diversity is highlighted by the professionally produced commercial samples that are featured on the clippings page of their website. After watching a few commercials, one can quickly see why Legacy Model and Talent Agency is a leader in diversified modeling agencies in Michigan.

Legacy Model and Talent Agency’s motto is that they represent talent of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. That commitment to diversity is easily confirmed by simply browsing through the high quality portfolio pictures on their website. The team at Legacy Model and Talent Agency exclusively represents a hand full of clients by providing them prominent showcasing on the website. In addition to their key models, Legacy Model and Talent Agency also matches an extensive variety of local talents to a high number of clients available at other modeling agencies in Michigan.

The Michigan modeling market is not Legacy Model and Talent Agency’s only outlet. Their clients and talented performers reach across the United States and cover a wide variety of project sizes. With a commitment to their talented models that is indicative of a small agency, and the nationwide resources associated with the bigger agencies, Legacy Model and Talent Agency is a leader in the Michigan modeling industry.

Modeling Agencies in Michigan – The Matthew Agency

The Matthew Agency is one of the top modeling agencies in Michigan. After making a big splash into the scene in 2009, the Matthew Agency has become one of the premier talent representatives in the country. An agency targeted at introducing fresh faces to the runways and photo shoots of the world, the Matthew Agency offers a diversity of services that keeps all of their talent very busy.

From live production actor support to traditional models for runways and photo shoots, the Matthew Agency’s talented people do it all. By diversifying, this agency is able to meet the multi-facetted demands of the fashion model industry. Unique production staffing such as their living mannequins department ensure that the Matthew Agency is preparing its people to meet all the cutting edge needs of their diverse clientele. Jerrad Matthew, the owner of the Matthew Agency, even extends his own photography talents to his clients and models by squeezing in time for photo shoots among his busy schedule of running one of the very popular modeling agencies in Michigan.

The world of modeling can be confusing and scary for those new to the craft, but the Matthew Agency is dedicated to cultivating new talent by helping to clarify the ins and outs of the biz. Their website at is packed full of insider information to help anyone just starting out in modeling. Their FAQ section answers questions like “what to bring to an audition” and “what to expect when working as a model.”

With many modeling agencies in Michigan to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right. That is why the Matthew Agency has open casting calls every month to cut down on the difficulty of the process of finding out if models are a good fit with this agency. For models new to the fashion business, or experienced models looking for a greater diversity in the opportunities presented by their agency, the Matthew Agency is a top choice in West Michigan.

Modeling Agencies in Michigan – The Traque Agency

Traque International Model Management stands apart from other modeling agencies in Michigan because of their years of success and their diversity of services provided. Representing over 300 models is just part of what is available from the Traque talent.

Established in 1989 in Toledo, Ohio, Traque thrived there for nearly a decade before moving to Detroit in January of 1998 to further their success. The Traque agency is largely thriving because of the individual attention that is given to each talented member represented. The staff at Traque focuses on individual understanding and relation to each gifted person under their banner. It is this high level of attention to the uniqueness of each talented individual that enables Traque to effectively match them to the exact unique qualities of every client’s needs. This type of professionalism is less common in modeling agencies in Michigan because others are content to settle for what they have instead of what the client needs.

Representing talented people for print is just the tip of what Traque has to offer. Traque’s stars have been seen on runways, television and the big screen. Clients from promotional engagements, conventions, and other live events have found their talent at Traque. This full service agency is able to support both the front and back of an event’s operations by providing related services that include hair, make-up and clothing stylists. Traque’s tremendous experience in television and movies has filled their ranks with veteran choreographers, set stylists and event planners in addition to the full array of models and actors from a tremendous variety of ages, sizes and ethnicities.

Modeling agencies in Michigan make promises of stardom and representation to many young hopefuls but fail to deliver in the end. Traque has placed models nationally and internationally on the pages of the industry’s leading magazines: Details, Lucky, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Vogue, Mademoiselle, GQ, etc. Their high-fashion and famous production credits are what set Traque in a class all its own among the modeling agencies in Michigan.

At the helm is sophisticated, experienced and knowledgeable owner and president, Lynn Clark-Geiner. Her diligence has built Traque into the respected agency it is today. Clark-Geiner has grown her business by fostering notable talent within the organization. Her continual participation in the international modeling market gives her first-hand knowledge of what is most in demand, which she is able to then translate into focus and refinement of her staff at Traque.